So, what is digital writing?

Writing is a personal process. There are books, and courses, and classes and a month in which you’re encouraged by everyone you ever wanted to follow on Twitter to write a novel. No-one can really tell you how to write though. You do it by writing, by finishing things and then moving on and writing something else. You try and be more like the good stuff you read and less like the crap stuff you don’t admit to reading.

Digital writing, or writing for digital platforms or technologies, is different (we’re going to deal with that) and identical (finish things, test them, move on).

There are some ground rules though. To call them rules is possibly an overstatement: þumalputtareglur/rules of thumb. These are the decisions and directions that begin to take on that ‘smells about right’ feeling we all so love after having consumed enough digital media, and written some of your own.

Take a deep breath. In through your nose. This’ll take a while.

There’s another ground rule, but it’s not one that can be summarised in a pithy little paragraph. A sentence though, is possible:

The Medium Matters.

Hang on. Bear with me. I’m going to make this a proper big-arse heading. All fancy-like. A big thing needs to look like a big thing.

The Medium Matters

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