You are here. What now?

Some thoughts on where to go from wherever you are. Most of us aren’t in the position of even trying to make the same mistakes Touchpress did. What approaches can the rest of us take towards making new things? Without taking on VC-funding, that is.

  • As always start with the community around you. If you can find 100 people who share your interests even before you start, so much the better.
  • Start small, start cheap. Build up your costs and capabilities over time.
  • Read Craig Mod’s Post-Artefact Books and Publishing
  • Stick to a genre or theme. Define your audience by defining your work.
  • Make the community a part of your career.
  • Don’t start with a bang. Build up to big things with a series of small. Don’t start with the epics. The body of work should be epic, not individual works. Bootstrap.
  • Put work out with some frequency.
  • We also go off topic a bit.
  • If you want to do technical things you need technical skills (no way around it, really).
  • If you want to do creative things you need creative skills (no way around that either).
  • If you want to do something that’s both technical and creative, you need to understand both (sorry, not sorry).
  • HTML as the lingua franca of technical production.
  • Iterate in public.
  • The currency of digital is attention.
  • People need to use Youtube more.
  • We talk a lot about Mark Z. Danielewski and his body of work. The value of having an insane fanbase.

Warning! Contains waffling, hemming, hawing, digressions, and indirection.