Money? What money?

Some thoughts prompted by Touchpress’s pivot.

  • Touchpress, who?
  • The core problem with the app stores.
  • The difference between bookstores and digital markets.
  • The importance in digital of having a specific worldview.
  • The big advantage that ebooks have over apps.
  • Who makes money in the app store?
  • A lot of talk about The Silent History.
  • In praise of low budget projects, made by small groups of people.
  • McSweeney’s.
  • The Pickle Index.
  • On games not being the only future of digital storytelling. (A future, absolutely, just not the only one.)
  • If you copy too much from games, you end up competing with games, and they’re generally much better at it.
  • High production value videos are soooooo expensive.
  • Pick a genre and stick to it.
  • Baldur goes on a rant on publishing industry contracts.
  • On not confusing detail with quality.
  • To be continued…

May contain swearing.