Early obsolescence

All digital projects are going to be obsolete with the next (OS, new technology), so we’re not going to bother until we can be sure this isn’t a flash in the pan.

Oh come on. This one rears it’s head every few years. There’s some validity to it (as above) but no-one ever wrote a book without a plan for reprints, or an acceptance that it might be remaindered or disappear from stock . The same approach ought to be true of digital projects, but all too often manifests as an extension of Digital is Expensive, or, Fear. Yes, OSes are going to evolve, and new features and technological jiggery-pokery are sometimes going to cause you a problem. Most of the time though, this is solvable without breaking the bank. There are also alternatives to apps. HTML5, run natively through a website, is not going to suffer the same upgrade issues as a bespoke App, and be considerably more flexible in the process. There are some things that demand an app—a contained experience, GPS driven content, using specific hardware features of a mobile device—but if that’s the case, then your project ought to be considered in those terms too.

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