The stories we miss in digital

The first mistake to avoid is to expect digital media to be something it isn’t. It isn’t a book (although it can be used as a context for book reading). It isn’t TV (again, context). It’s got its own weirdnesses and features. It can be ludic—both games with stories and stories with game-like features—but it doesn’t have to be. It can be non-linear and exploratory, but it doesn’t have to be (Twitter doesn’t become print just because it is almost entirely linear). It can build on real life (“see the pictures of my baby’s poo face”) or it can be fiction (games, Wattpad, fan-fiction). Its flexibility is pretty impressive. What it does lack is age and maturity. Its body of work is dwarfed by that of other media.

What digital media lacks is more stories.

Your stories. More of them. Lot’s of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning an indie game, a piece of Black Widow/Spider-Woman slash fiction, original short stories on Wattpad, or your occasional experimentation with web-based hypertext. We want more of it and we want you to make more of it. That’s what this site is for. If you come away from this with even one new idea, one new twist on an exciting project, or one new tactic to use in your own creative work—then we will have succeeded. Read. Take from it what you want. Make things. Tell more stories.

The stories we miss online are your stories.

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