Moving through a space requires we be aware of the nature of that environment. It demands that the walker be conscious of hazards, of the difference between an alleyway at dusk and an open square in the middle of the day. Most of these are subconscious knowledges; we don’t think about them in our day-to-day experience until they impact on our experience.

For a writer, they’re the difference between a long and a short chapter. They’re tension and reflection, pace and flow. Walk routes, listen and watch. Make notes and record the noise around you as you travel. Your reflections, your thoughts and the things you feel as you travel.

While your readers might not make the same observations, they’ll be aware of the shifts in their surroundings, in the way the space makes them tense, or draw breath.

They will be you, in due course, and you need to be them now.

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